Headlines stating cold weather caused natural gas supplies to “plunge” are just wrong, both in fact and in the impact to consumers, causing unwarranted emotional distress


January 20. 2022

The following can be attributed to Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil and Gas Association:

“A great deal of attention is focused on what, if any, impact the sudden temperature drop might have on statewide natural gas production. All reports we’ve received indicate declines are minimal, characteristic of daily fluctuations and within typical operational expectancies. There was and continues to be far excess of daily natural gas production than what is needed for all Texans’…

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Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry Paid $15.8 Billion in Taxes and State Royalties in Fiscal Year 2021


Texas ISDs received $1.84 Billion, Counties received $640 Million in property taxes from oil and natural gas production, pipelines and gas utilities

January 11, 2022

Listen to Todd Staples’ Remarks
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AUSTIN – According to just-released data from the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA), the Texas oil and natural gas industry paid $15.8 billion in state and local taxes and state royalties in fiscal year 2021,…

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EIA Data Suggests 5% Decline in Texas Natural Gas Production – Not 25% As Some Outlets Reported


January 7, 2022

Bloomberg Corrects Gross Exaggeration of Emissions Related to Cold Weather (Corrects 1 Billion cubic feet to 1 Million cubic feet)

AUSTIN – Being quick to blame and slow to listen might get headlines, but it doesn’t deliver facts that are needed to make thoughtful decisions to protect the lives of Texans.

Recent media reports and industry hacks have been exaggerating data about the natural gas system related to the recent cold weather….

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TXOGA Comment on Recent Cold Snap’s Impact on Production in Permian


January 4, 2022

The following can be attributed to Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil and Gas Association:

“As we have consistently stated, some variation in production occurs with sudden temperature changes – these are field operations, not controlled factory settings. Reports indicated Texas produced more than 20 BCF of natural gas during the recent cold snap. This, in addition to the 544 BCF of natural gas working storage capacity,…

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TXOGA’s First Coastal Energy Series Event Aims to Facilitate More Rational Conversations About the Future of Our Energy, Our Environment and Our Economy


December 28, 2021

TXOGA launched the first installment of the regionally focused Coastal Energy Series on Friday, November 12 in Corpus Christi. This series is a new venue where leaders in Texas’ coastal communities can directly engage with members of the Texas oil and natural gas industry, and via that open line of communication nurture a rich, candid, and continuing dialogue.

The inaugural event, held along the Port of Corpus Christi,…

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O&G Gifts for Y-0-U


December 25, 2021

Santa’s bringing lots of gifts
To every boy and girl,
Gifts that bring lots of joy
From natural gas and oil.

He’s bringing milk jugs to hold your milk,
Mascara and pajamas blended with silk,
Brush and comb, shoe polish too,
Aspirin and bandaids for every boo-boo.

Insect repellant to keep bugs away,…

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Job Growth Continues in Texas Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Sector


December 17, 2021

2,400 jobs added in November; employment gains have exceeded 2,000 jobs every month for past six months

AUSTIN – New Texas Workforce Commission data shows another month of job growth for Texas oil and natural gas employment, with 2,400 upstream sector jobs added in November. For the past six months in a row, employment gains have exceeded 2,000 jobs every month with the average monthly gain being 2,633….

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TXOGA’s New Landowner Handbook: Pipelines 101 to Serve as a Resource for Landowners, Local Officials, Infrastructure Companies


December 15, 2021

AUSTIN-Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation and essential infrastructure is needed to meet the demands of our booming population. At the same time, private property ownership is a bedrock principle in Texas and balancing the expansion of critical infrastructure like roads, internet and electricity lines, and pipelines for oil, natural gas and water, while also protecting private property rights, is an utmost priority….

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TXOGA Launches “Winter Ready” Website to Share Information and Resources about Industry’s Winter Preparedness Measures


December 9, 2021

AUSTIN-The Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) today launched a new online resource to share information and resources with the public, policy makers and media about winter weather protocols of oil and natural gas facilities. The “Winter Ready” site includes photos and explanations of winterization techniques oil and natural gas operators proactively use to protect their equipment during heat and cold weather, and explains other improvements that have been made along the entire electricity supply chain in response to Winter Storm Uri….

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New RRC Rules Will Ensure Essential Assets are Designated Critical and Less-Essential Assets are Not Unnecessarily Prioritized


November 30, 2021

The rules adopted by the Texas Railroad Commission today ensure essential assets are designated as critical load and less-essential assets are not unnecessarily prioritized when there is not enough electricity in some emergency events. If TDUs were required to maintain power to every natural gas facility in Texas, it would create a dangerous situation by diverting power that may be needed elsewhere. Not every natural gas facility is a priority from a power perspective during an emergency….

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