Texas Oil & Gas Association

Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) is a statewide trade association with approximately 5,000 members representing every facet of the Texas oil and gas industry including small independents and major producers. Collectively, TXOGA members account for over 90 percent of all oil and natural gas produced in Texas, they operate a vast majority of the State’s pipeline mileage and gas processing capacity, and they are responsible for a preponderance of the State’s refining capacity.

The mission of the Texas Oil & Gas Association is to promote a robust oil and natural gas industry and to advocate for sound, science-based policies and free-market principles.

Founded in 1919, TXOGA is the oldest and largest group in the State representing petroleum interests and continues to serve as the only organization which embraces all segments of the industry.

There are four focal points for the Association’s activities: Legislation, Regulation, Judicial Affairs, and Public/Industry Affairs. The work of the Association is concentrated in these areas in order that it may be responsive to the ever growing demands made on the industry by state, and local governments and by the general public. Addressing the issues of government regulation and taxation — the two major issues which directly affect the industry’s operations — continues to be the primary objective of TXOGA. To do this the Association turns to its strong member supported committee structure, which mobilizes industry representatives with expertise in various fields to deal with specific problems. No other organization in the state can marshall the spectrum of expertise on industry issues to which TXOGA has access.

The Association’s public affairs efforts are keyed to media relations. The media is the primary recipient of the historical, economic, and statistical data on industry operations in Texas that is compiled and distributed by the Association. Its representatives also prepare and disseminate statements and news releases reflecting industry viewpoints and background information on current public issues involving the Texas Oil and Gas Industry.

The activities of the Association are governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of approximately 45 industry leaders and currently chaired by Jonny Jones of Jones Energy in Austin, TX.

We invite you to join TXOGA in supporting the industry and the state of Texas.

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E. L. Ames, Jr.

Venus Oil Company

Eduardo Assef

CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Mark Berg

Pioneer Natural Resources Company

Roe Buckley

Mewbourne Oil Company

Obie O'Brien

Apache Corporation

Randy Cleveland

XTO Energy Inc.

Harold D. Courson

Natural Gas Anadarko Company

John Dill

Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Greg Dykes

SandRidge Energy, Inc.

Herb Vogel

SM Energy

Allan D. Frizzell

Enrich Oil Corporation

Gregory Givens

EP Energy

Greg Hardin


Helene Harding


William Herbert Hunt

Petro-Hunt, L.L.C.

Forrest E. Hoglund

Hoglund Interests

Albert Hrubetz

Hrubetz Oil Company

Dan Allen Hughes, Jr.

Dan A. Hughes Co., L.P.

A. V. Jones, Jr.

Van Operating, Ltd.

Jon Rex Jones

Jones Management Corporation

Jonny Jones

Jones Energy, Ltd.

David W. Killam

Killam Oil Company, LTD.

David Lawler

BP America, Inc.

Dale Kokoski

Marathon Oil Company

Charlie Moncrief

Montex Drilling Company

W. A. Moncrief, Jr.

Moncrief Oil Company

Bruce Niemeyer


Joseph I. O’Neill, III

O'Neill Properties, Ltd.

Bruce Palfreyman

Shell Upstream Americas - Unconventionals

Bill A. Penhall

Devon Energy Corporation

Harry H. Phillips

Philcon Development Company

Frederick Plaeger

EOG Resources, Inc.

Robert K. Reeves

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.

Quintana Minerals Corporation

Douglass C. Robison

ExL Petroleum, LP

Gary Simmons

Valero Energy Corporation

Alan Smith

Quantum Resources Managment, LLC

Matthew Most

Encana Oil & Gas (USA)

Ty Thacker

3-T Exploration, Inc.

William M. Thacker, Jr.

5-T Properties, LTD

E. Joseph Wright

Concho Resources, Inc.

David Erfert

Phillips 66

John H. Young

John H. Young, Inc./Joy Resources, Inc.


Promotes a forum for discussion of ad valorem tax matters and provides feedback to agencies and the Legislative Committee on tax issues as they develop.


Sponsors dialogue on issues related to the storage of bulk fuels and sometimes may engage agencies on regulatory matters and provide input to the Legislative Committee on potential impacts of potential legislation.


Maintains a forum for TXOGA members’  technical and legal experts to develop and implement plans to respond to potential endangered species listings in Texas, including providing comments, researching and collecting science, and engaging in litigation, if necessary.


Provides a forum for the discussion of general tax matters, responds to issues arising from the proposed implementation of new taxes, and generates comments to agencies regarding taxation issues.


Provides an avenue for members’ exploration and production environmental attorneys to give feedback to agencies on environmental regulatory matters; provides input to the Production Environmental Committee on legal issues; and, assists the Association in litigation efforts as necessary.


Provides and avenue for member exploration and production attorneys to offer comments to agencies on general regulatory matters, offers input to the Regulatory Practices Committee on legal issues, and, assists the Association in litigation efforts as necessary.


Analyzes state legislation through staff reports of legislation potentially impacting industry interests; prepares legislative amendments and discussion points; presents industry views to the legislature through testimony and lobbying efforts; coordinates industry needs related to passing or defeating specific legislation.


Establishes opportunities for discussion of regulations concerning fuel issues and responds to proposed adoption and eventual implementation of fuel oriented regulatory requirements.


Provides a forum for analysis, discussion and recommended resolution of energy-related issues emerging from the local community, county or multi-county regional level that impact TXOGA members.


Provides a forum for discussions of marketing environmental regulatory issues affecting the industry and responds to proposed adoption and eventual implementation of regulations.


Provides a forum for discussion by members’ technical and legal  experts  on issues related to legislation or regulation concerning pipelines, provides input to the Legislative Committee growing out of these discussions, and responds to proposed adoption and eventual implementation of pipeline oriented regulatory requirements.


Provides an avenue for members’ exploration and production environmental regulatory specialists to provide feedback to agencies on upstream regulatory matters, and offers input to the Exploration & Production Environmental Law Committee on technical issues impacting relevant legal matters.


Provides a forum for refinery environmental and safety regulatory specialists to provide comments to agencies on downstream regulatory matters and provides input to the Refinery Environmental Law Committee on technical issues impacting pending legal matters.


Provides a forum for legal experts to provide feedback to agencies on regulations involving refinery environmental issues and gives input to the Refining Environmental Committee on relevant legal matters.


Provides a forum for exploration and production regulatory specialists to provide feedback to agencies, the Texas Railroad Commission in particular, on the impact of regulatory actions upon the industry.  Works closely with the Production Environmental Committee on matters of mutual concern.


Leads discussions of all water matters potentially impacting upstream and downstream activities of the industry and offers feedback and educates on industry activities and advises the Legislative Committee on the impact of proposed water legislation on each sector of the industry.


The Mission of the Texas Oil & Gas Association Communications Committee is to proactively educate and inform Texans of the benefits and safety of the oil and natural gas industry, identify and dispel inaccuracies about the energy industry, and to ensure communication tools are being used effectively to promote the legislative, regulatory and judicial goals of the Association.

Other standing committees are established by the Association on an as needed basis to handle specific issues which either do not fall under the scope of other existing committees or require a greater level of expertise.


Todd Staples



Mari Ruckel

VP Government & Regulatory Affairs


Cory Pomeroy

VP & General Counsel


Jim Sierra

VP Finance


Neal Carlton

Director of Membership


Ruth Journey



Shannon Rusing

Vice President for Operations & Chief of Staff

Austin, TX


Kate Zaykowski

Communications Coordinator

Kristen photo

Kristen Fuchs

Executive Assistant