Wind and Solar Power Not Reliable to Meet Energy Needs

FACT: Wind and solar power are not reliable to meet our energy needs. Wind and solar generation requires significant government assistance to put power on the electricity grid and even then, wind and solar power is not reliable.  Unreliable power risks lives, our security and our economy.  Renewable energy generators must have fossil fuels as…

FACT: Natural gas activity has NOT resulted in air exposures that pose health concerns. GET THE FACTS: A comprehensive study published in a peer-reviewed journal, analyzed 4.6 million air tests from continuous air monitors across the Barnett Shale. Air tests occurred as natural gas wells were drilled, hydraulically fractured, produced and reworked. Emissions from every type…

FACT: Methane emissions from oil and natural gas facilities have declined dramatically. Research from the EPA and several universities shows that methane emissions from oil and natural gas systems have declined dramatically and that leakage rates were extremely low.

FACT: The oil and natural gas industry is one of the most regulated industries in the nation. Texas oil and natural gas operators are investing billions of dollars to develop technology that is improving and protecting our environment.  Credible research bears out that these investments and smart regulations are working to protect the environment.

MYTH: You don’t use oil and natural gas in your everyday life. FACT: Oil and natural gas are essential for more than power. LEARN MORE: Beyond power, oil and natural gas is used to make clothing, life-saving devices, solar panels, wind turbines and the fertilizer that is essential to the world’s food supply.

FACT: Multiple scientific studies shows that oil and natural gas development is protecting the environment. Study after study concludes that oil and natural gas development is protecting the environment. Yet, as the Denver Post recently editorialized, “such reports haven’t seemed to matter to the green anti-fracking groups that continue to trumpet…alleged dangers.”


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