Texas Gained 2,900 Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Jobs in April and May


June 24, 2019

AUSTIN – Data from the Texas Workforce Commission shows job growth in the upstream oil and natural gas sector in April and May 2019 after a time of fluctuation in employment figures since the fall of 2018. The upstream sector gained 1,900 and 1,000 jobs in April and May, respectively. 


“The Texas oil and natural gas industry continues to employ hundreds of thousands of Texans in high-skilled,…

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Todd Staples: Mandate for cleaner shipping fuel benefits Texas


June 22, 2019

The shale revolution has been an economic boon for Texas, creating middle-class jobs across the state, providing consumers with affordable, reliable energy, and reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Texas is perfectly positioned to continue to benefit from America’s renewed energy dominance for many reasons,…

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TXOGA on Governor Abbott’s Signing of Legislation Related to County Road Funding, Critical Infrastructure, Chapter 312, and Water Regulation


June 17, 2019

AUSTIN—Governor Greg Abbott recently signed several pieces of meaningful legislation into law, including bills related to funding for county roads in energy corridors, the protection of critical infrastructure projects, the extension of Chapter 312 and the regulatory authority over produced water. The Texas Oil & Gas Association issued the following statements on each.


Texas Energy Corridors to Receive $250 Million For County Roads (SB 500 and HB 1)


Texas energy production regions are set to receive a huge injection of funding for county roads under two laws signed by Governor Greg Abbott….

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