Todd Staples: Government control of production is not the answer


April 12, 2020

This column originally appeared in the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

The ongoing global oil price war and COVID-19 are having a catastrophic effect on Texas families and businesses, including operators in every sector of the oil and natural gas industry. Given the importance of the industry to the Texas economy and our nation’s energy security, it is essential that Texas take the right approach in responding to the crisis by providing tools and options to assist operators,…

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Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry Launches Coalition to Develop Industry-Led Solutions to Minimize Flaring and Methane Emissions


March 31, 2020

AUSTIN—An alliance of Texas oil and natural gas trade associations, along with nearly 40 Texas energy companies, today announced they have formed a coalition to work together on environmental progress. Focused on industry-led solutions to minimize flaring and methane emissions, the Texas Methane and Flaring Coalition (the Coalition) will collectively identify and promote operational and environmental recommended practices.

“Texas is a global leader in the responsible production of energy that has powered life for more than a century….

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