Release: TXOGA President Urges Texans to Obtain the Fuel They Need “Based on Pre-Hurricane Purchasing Patterns”

September 4, 2017

TXOGA: Update on Fuel Supply

TXOGA President Urges Texans to Obtain the Fuel They Need “Based on Pre-Hurricane Purchasing Patterns”

The following can be attributed to Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil and Gas Association.

Every day, significant progress is being made to overcome the historic disruption to our state’s fuel production and distribution system caused by Hurricane Harvey. Each individual company is carefully and thoughtfully implementing recovery plans to get their systems back online after what some academics have referred to as a “1,000-year flood event.” Every single Texan can help themselves and their neighbors during this period of recovery by not overbuying fuel.  All of us can play a role as we conserve, restore and rebuild.

The flood has impacted all infrastructure sectors from water and electricity to schools, hospitals and fuel.  It is important to maintain normal routines (and normal buying patterns for fuel) to the best of your ability, and to conserve when you can.  When we overreact, we put a strain on all of our resources.  We must not allow social media or unfounded reports to create a panic. The recent runs at retail gas stations create further disruption in the fuel market, which is already impacted by the closure of much of our Gulf Coast refining and several pipelines. Runs on fuel slow down access to fuel for the general public and for first responders who still have important work to do.

All of us can help – not further hinder – recovery by meeting our basic fuel needs until fuel supply chains can replenish. Please obtain the fuel you need based on pre-hurricane purchasing patterns.

Important things to know:

  • Additional fuel is being brought in from other states
  • Additional fuel and resources are being acquired from other countries
  • Waivers are sought and granted from federal and state agencies, which is helping to bring in additional supplies
  • Refineries, terminals and pipeline systems are being restored as soon as safety tests are completed – these are large, complex systems and safety takes time
  • The Coast Guard is reopening ports as safety concerns are addressed
  • Most markets are being replenished daily
  • While supply disruptions will continue as the systems are fully brought back online and buying patterns stabilize, cooperation at the national, state and local levels will continue to ensure necessary fuel needs are being met.

Reports have concluded the impact of Harvey to our fuel systems exceeded that of Ike, Rita or Katrina. It is estimated many homes in the Houston area may remain flooded for two more weeks as necessary reservoir releases occur.  Full recovery will take time but we will overcome.  And again, please obtain the fuel you need based on pre-hurricane purchasing patterns.  Many retail stations are being replenished daily in most markets and recovery is on its way. Each of us should do our part to not over stress the system.

Texans can manage through this challenge as we conserve, restore and rebuild.


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