Insights from Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson is a Program Manager, Project Delivery at BHP Billiton. In the responses below, she answers questions about her path to success and discusses the role that the oil and gas industry plays in her life.

“What has been the blueprint for your success in oil and gas?”

I’d characterize the success I’ve had in my career by being bold and asking for opportunities, taking advantage of any chance to build experience and having passion for what I do. Every new role or new assignment presents an opportunity to learn so be open and accepting of these, particularly when they appear to deviate from a chosen path.

Why do you enjoy working in the oil and gas industry?

I’m part of an industry that creates energy, that in itself inspires me to want to come to work. I love the complexity of the oil and gas industry, the challenges, the people, working as a team to decide how we monetize resources and deliver value for the business. I work in a project environment where every day presents a new set of challenges and opportunities. 

How is the Oil and Gas industry important to your family/neighborhood/community/ state/nation?

Allowing the US to be largely ‘energy independent’ is important to the US economy. We also have a responsibility to invest in the future and utilize the talent and expertise in the oil and gas industry to work towards ways of ensuring our energy needs can be met in an environmentally responsibly manner.

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