U.S. Senator Cornyn, U.S. Rep. Hurd, Texas Senator Flores Featured in “Powering Your Community – South Central Texas & San Antonio”

September 29, 2020

U.S. Senator John Cornyn, U.S. Representative Will Hurd and Texas Senator Pete Flores headlined the Texas Oil & Gas Association’s (TXOGA) latest virtual energy summit, Powering Your Community – South Central Texas & San Antonio. The event was part of a new series of virtual summits TXOGA is hosting around the state during the months of September and October.

Moderated by TXOGA President Todd Staples, the summit focused on the oil and natural gas industry’s global impact, its contribution to national security and its benefits for local economies.

U.S. Senator Cornyn emphasized the global impact of the Texas oil and natural gas industry.

“Our great state is a global powerhouse in the energy sector, and the work that the oil and natural gas industry does is critical to our success on the world stage,” said Sen. Cornyn. “Once we return to normal, we need to ensure that energy producers are able to meet increased demand.”

U.S. Rep. Hurd discussed the link between energy security and national security in the United States.

“Texas oil and natural gas leads the way for American energy,” said Rep. Hurd. “Besides fueling, powering and heating our country, this critical sector also benefits America’s national security. Thankfully, because of Texas’ energy sector, we have made great progress in moving towards energy independence in a responsible way.”

State Senator Flores described the industry’s impact on his district’s economy.

“Oil and natural gas represent a pillar of our regional economy, providing some of the best jobs in Texas and driving investment that benefits everyone,” said Sen. Flores. “More broadly, it is very exciting to watch technology revolutionize every aspect of the oil and natural gas industry, propelling our nation – with Senate District 19 leading – to be a global leader in environmental stewardship.”

Staples shared his perspectives on what Texas can do to accelerate economic recovery and help the state maintain its global energy standing.

“Recent developments remind us that benefits associated with a thriving energy sector are not guaranteed,” said Staples. “As oil and natural gas companies navigate the challenges of the marketplace, we need to be doing all that we can to maintain the stabilizing force that Texas has become for our state and the world. We can do that by holding fast to science-based regulations and policies that encourage responsible energy production, expanded pipeline infrastructure and continued investment in innovations that have made the United States the world leader in energy production and environmental progress.”

TXOGA is hosting regional energy summits across the state. The full schedule is here.

The entire Powering Your Community – Virtual Energy Summit Series is available to view online on TXOGA’s YouTube page and at http://www.txoga.org/2020-virtual-energy-summit-series/.


Founded in 1919, TXOGA is the oldest and largest oil and gas trade association in Texas representing every facet of the industry.

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