TXOGA Joins Industry Groups In Creation of Texas CARES

AUSTIN – Earlier this month, the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA), along with industry groups such as the Texas Association of Manufacturers (TAM), Texas Chemical Council (TCC) and Texas Industrial Energy Consumers (TIEC) formed a new coalition called Texas Consumers for Affordable and Reliable Electricity Solutions (Texas CARES).

The goal of Texas CARES is to ensure that our state’s electricity market redesign prioritizes consumers and protects everyday Texans from the costly and untried programs such as the Performance Credit Mechanism (PCM) promoted only by those who produce power—not the consumers. Texas CARES aims to keep unchecked, unelected regulators accountable and support Texas legislators in their efforts to ensure affordable and reliable electricity services for all Texans.

Visit the Texas CARES website to learn more.

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