TXOGA Energy Summit: Coastal Bend Booming Thanks to Oil & Natural Gas, Refining, Exports, LNG, Petrochemical Manufacturing

November 16, 2017

TXOGA Energy Summit: Coastal Bend Booming Thanks to Oil & Natural Gas, Refining, Exports, LNG, Petrochemical Manufacturing

Texas Railroad Commissioner, State and Local Leaders, Energy Experts Featured

CORPUS CHRISTI – The TXOGA Energy Summit in Corpus Christi today showcased the economic impact in the Coastal Bend region made possible by oil and natural gas, refining, exports, LNG and petrochemical manufacturing. 

Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian, State Representatives Abel Herrero and Todd Hunter, Port Corpus Christi Secretary Barbara Canales, Nueces County Commissioner Mike Pusley and Texas Oil & Gas Association President Todd Staples addressed the impact of the various sectors of the oil and natural gas industry to the region’s economy.

“On behalf of the South Texas oil and natural gas industry, it is a pleasure to welcome the Texas Oil & Gas Association to Nueces County,” said County Commissioner Pusley.  “As someone who spent nearly 40 years in the oil and gas exploration business in South Texas, I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this important event.”

According to a recent study from the University of Texas San Antonio, Nueces County saw $5.5 billion economic impact from oil and natural gas activity in the Eagle Ford shale field last year; San Patricio saw $5.1 billion in economic impact. 

“Domestically-produced oil and natural gas is a driving force in the Coastal Bend and Corpus Christi has the complete package,” said Staples. “From refining and exports to LNG facilities and petrochemical plants, oil and natural gas are powering this community.”

Jobs were a primary focus for Chairman Todd Hunter. “Manufacturers are investing billions of dollars to locate near Port Corpus Christi because of its prime location near the Eagle Ford Shale,” said State Rep. Hunter. 

“Oil and natural gas boost our local economy and create an opportunity to expand our local infrastructure,” said Canales of Port Corpus Christi.  “As production picks back up, we are well positioned to maintain our position as an export leader.”

Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian noted the statewide economic impact of the oil and natural gas industry.  “A healthy oil and natural gas sector contributes to a healthy Texas,” he said.  “Sound, science-based regulations ensure that the oil and natural gas industry can continue to contribute to our state’s economy and we can protect the environment for future generations.” 

All of the speakers noted the importance of the region in their remarks. “Texas leads the nation in oil and natural gas production, pipeline miles and refining capacity,” said State Rep. Herrero. “Much of that bounty and all of the economic benefits that come with it are right here in the Coastal Bend.”


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