2018 Texas Oil and Natural Gas Legislative District Vital Statistics

March 8, 2019

Below are vital statistic 1-pagers for each Texas legislative district created by TXOGA reflecting the positive influence of oil and natural gas, including jobs and revenue generated by this industry, as well as the oil and natural gas production for 2018 that has ushered in a new era of energy security for Texas and the United States.

As these 1-pagers show, the Texas oil and natural gas industry remains a major force in Texas’ prosperity and provides significant funding for government statewide. In fiscal year 2018, the industry paid over $14 billion in state and local taxes and state royalties – that’s the equivalent of $38 million each day. And since 2007, the industry has paid over $133 billion. These revenues go towards funding our public schools and universities, building and repairing roads, and supporting first responders. Additionally, the Texas oil and natural gas industry is providing some of the best-paying jobs in Texas, protecting the environment and securing our status as the nation’s leader in oil and natural gas production, pipeline miles and refining capacity. Economists estimate oil and natural gas represents 29% of Texas’ Gross State Product.


Senate Districts


House Districts