RELEASE: Texas Oil & Gas Association on US Secretary of Energy Nominee Rick Perry

January 19, 2017

Texas Oil & Gas Association on Secretary of Energy Nominee Rick Perry

The following can be attributed to Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association.

“Texans are tired of political posturing by federal bureaucrats.  Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be a breath of fresh air because he is committed to protecting the environment while making Americans less dependent on other nations for our energy needs.  During Perry’s tenure, Texas energy production skyrocketed.  The combination of industry innovation and science-based policies put forth under Perry’s leadership have made Texas the #1 oil and natural gas producer in the nation. Perry understands that America can protect the environment, enhance national security and grow the economy – all at once.  We’ve done it in Texas and look forward to seeing all Gov. Perry will accomplish for our nation as U.S. Secretary of Energy.”

ICYMI: Todd Staples’ op-ed, “America Would Benefit from a Rick Perry Frame of Mind” can be found here as published today by the Texas Tribune.

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