Pipeline Operator Commitment to Landowners

When pipeline companies are considering a new liquids pipeline project in your area, they are fully committed to working alongside you. With every action, the companies hope to achieve their goals fairly, openly and with respect. The Association of Oil Pipelines has created a list of tenets they will personally follow in order to accomplish a solid relationship between the community and the operating sites.

The tenets could be viewed as commitments made by every company. There are six total: fairness, respect, openness, negotiate in good faith, and responsiveness consistency. With these in mind, pipeline companies hope to establish a good foundation between the work being done and the people impacted by that work.


Click HERE to read more about these commitments from AOPL:  http://www.aopl.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Liquids-Commitment-to-Landowners-v.4.pdf