Oil and Natural Gas Industry Prioritizes Safety, Health, Prosperity for Community Neighbors and All Texans

November 18, 2021

With the U.S. EPA Administrator planning a visit to industrial sites in Texas tomorrow, the Texas oil and natural gas industry reiterates its commitment to prioritizing the safety, health and wellbeing of surrounding communities and our workforce. This is paramount in all that the Texas oil and natural gas industry does. Just like our neighbors in communities where we operate, our employees spend much of their lives in and near our facilities where safety, air quality and improvement are prioritized. Industry works collaboratively with partners, neighbors, local leaders and regulators every day to support cleaner, stronger, and better Texas communities.

The oil and natural gas industry in America has contributed greatly to upward mobility for families, improved quality of life, higher incomes, longer life spans and pioneering technological breakthroughs that have made products more affordable and environmentally friendly. Discussion of environmental justice often overlooks these important facts, including all that companies are doing that have led to lower greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction of the six criteria air pollutants by 73% since 1970, while at the same time our population, GDP and life expectancy have increased. Oil and natural gas companies are also long-term, trusted partners in the communities where they operate, prioritizing safety, transparency and communication with neighbors.

Stringent regulations are in place to minimize industrial emissions and the oil and natural gas industry’s investments in innovation and technology are protecting and improving air quality in Texas. Science-based regulations, innovation and operational excellence are the reasons the United States leads the world in both emissions reduction and energy production.

The Texas oil and natural gas industry is indispensable to creating the everyday goods that make modern life possible. Ongoing commitment to innovative solutions and community involvement will continue to deliver good results for all Texans.

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