UT Arlington Study Fails to Link Drilling and Water Contamination in West Texas

This week, researchers at University of Texas – Arlington (UTA) released a new study that suggests drilling may be impacting water quality in West Texas’ Cline Shale region. However, many are questioning the validity of the science and methodology used to make these claims.

Energy InDepth’s Matt Mandel wrote a blog post that outlines the issues with the researches lack of baseline data and questionable methodology. He concludes:

While the press release strongly suggests the study links drilling activities and degraded groundwater, that’s simply not true. The data show large variations during each sampling phase – and even though the researchers admit their results are all over the map, such results mean a general statement linking drilling to contamination is far from accurate.

Groundwater testing is a complex process, and deriving concrete results from a very limited set of samples is not just difficult; it’s arguably inappropriate.

Click here to read his full blog post: http://energyindepth.org/texas/new-study-fails-to-link-drilling-and-water-contamination-in-west-texas/