Methane Emissions Drop in Top Oil and Gas Producing Counties in Texas

Texans for Natural Gas have released a report showing how methane emissions have been declining in the top oil-producing areas in Texas. The report emphasizes how methane emissions have dropped over 211,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the largest natural gas producing counties, which is the equivalent of more than a 51% decline. Throughout the ten largest oil-producing counties, methane emissions have decreased by almost 39%.

Steve Everley, Spokesman for Texans for Natural Gas states “the story on methane is all about technological innovation, particularly how Texas oil and gas producers have been able to make us more energy secure while also reducing emissions.” The article includes a story reflecting how Webb County, the top natural gas producing county, has grown production by 127% and has experienced a 97% decline in emissions.

“Thanks to continually improving processes led by Texas companies, the oil and natural gas industry is protecting the environment and bolstering our energy security,” said Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association. “Reliable and affordable power and a clean and safe environment are not mutually exclusive. The industry can and does work to achieve both every single day and this new report highlights some of the impressive results seen in methane reduction.”

Through this research, it is predicted that methane emissions will continue to decline as a result of further increase in innovation and technology predicted in the future.

Read the full analysis here:


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