Leading the Way to Energy Independence

While the U.S. is the number one oil and natural gas producer in the world, we are also number one importer to meet our nation’s high demands.

Our need for energy as a country is only growing, and competing in foreign markets for energy is timely, costly, and dangerous. Advancing American energy infrastructure will help develop the United States’ ability for production to meet the rising demand of our country through oil and natural gas extraction.

And Texas is leading the way.

In 2013, Texas was ranked the number one producer in energy for the United States with 29% of the U.S. marketed natural gas production in 2013, shifting our reliance away from foreign supplies and toward a domestic clean energy future.

In 2014, it was reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that people are looking to natural gas to power cars, trucks, and buses. We are now at the highest level of non-petroleum use for transportation since 1954, with natural gas providing a safe, homegrown alternative.

Thanks to Texas’s investment in oil and natural gas, we have a generous and safe supply of energy that is changing the landscape of how we use and consume energy on an everyday basis.

As technology advances, and investment in the oil and natural gas increases, our dependence on global energy suppliers will begin to dwindle in the areas that matter most.

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