Did You Know that Oil and Natural Gas are Central to our National Security?

November 2, 2017

Did you know that oil and natural gas are central to our national security?

What is a PADD? And why do they matter to your family?

The United States has five Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts (PADDs) specifically created to monitor fuel supplies and distribution capacity across the country.   The Petroleum Administration for War created PADDs during World War II to help allocate fuels derived from petroleum products.  Back then and today, access to fuel is central to our national defense and our personal security.

Tanks and tractors both run on diesel, protecting our freedoms and our food supply.  Jet fuel that powers commercial travel and military aircraft keeps our economy humming and our homeland safe.

Oil and natural gas production, pipelines and refineries all work together to make our nation prosperous and secure.  Yet extremists are targeting our critical infrastructure and our ability to produce and transport the fuel we need – making us less safe.

These groups peddle misinformation about the energy sector to instill fear and spread the false narrative that “keeping it in the ground” would make the world a better place.  The opposite is true.  Access to reliable, affordable power and fuel makes us safer and healthier.  Emerging countries – whose residents may have burned wood or dung for heating and cooking – see major quality of life and public health improvements when clean-burning, reliable power becomes available.

Likewise, life-changing products are made from oil and natural gas.  Medical devices, plastics, sanitary food storage containers are all petroleum-based products – as are 96% of the products that we use every day.

Life is better because of oil and natural gas.  America and the world are safer because of oil and natural gas.  Extremists who say otherwise undermine our personal well-being, our national security and our ability to save and improve lives across the globe.

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