Energy In Depth Discredits Study That Links Injection Operations to Earthquakes

Energy in Depth (EID) refutes a study conducted by Southern Methodist University and University of Texas researchers on five accounts to undermine its result in linking injection operations to earthquakes in the Irving-Dallas area. EID explains how the study relies on inaccurate assumptions and contradictory information in its methodology and conclusions.

Debunking the study involves realising the inaccurate information used regarding fracking activities and questioning the assumptions made by researchers on the geology of the area, specifically hydrostatic pressure, homogeneity and permeability of the subsurface.

“Studying the Irving-Dallas earthquake sequence is an important scientific pursuit, particularly given its rather anomalous characteristics among other seismic events in North Texas. But using bad assumptions to blame the earthquakes on injection does not advance public understanding; if anything, it only hinders our ability to arrive at the truth.”

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