Bill to Strengthen Protections of Critical Infrastructure Facilities Passes House

May 7, 2019


The Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) applauds the Texas House of Representatives for its passage of HB 3557, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, which strengthens protections of our state’s critical infrastructure facilities while maintaining current laws and statutes that allow for free speech and the right to protest.


“HB 3557 strengthens protections for private property owners and businesses while preserving the right to legally and respectfully protest and express free speech,” said TXOGA President Todd Staples. “Texas’ critical infrastructure facilities such as agriculture systems, dams and water structures, manufacturing and refining facilities, electric transmission lines and substations, and fuel pipelines support Texas jobs, generate billions of dollars in tax revenues, and provide products to Texans for use in our daily lives. Delays, stoppages and intentional damage caused by illegal activity are costly to Texas businesses and local governments and put employees of these facilities in danger.”