Texans Come Together for First-Ever Texas Energy Day!

March 22, 2017 was a big day for Texas energy! In partnership with 25+ other sponsors, TXOGA held the first-ever Texas Energy Day at the Capitol where 450+ participants came together as an industry to tell lawmakers that oil and natural gas are vital to the lives of anyone who calls Texas home.

After a breakfast briefing with TXOGA President Todd Staples and Chevron President Jeff Shellebarger, attendees headed to the Capitol to tell lawmakers why Texas oil and natural gas matter to all Texas families. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed lunch on the lawn and visited outdoor displays brought by oil and natural gas companies. The innovation in the oil and natural gas industry that was on display makes Texas the #1 oil and natural gas producer in America – all while improving our environment. To learn more about the technology at Texas Energy Day, click here.

As the day wrapped up, we heard from Representatives Larry Gonzales and Drew Darby, Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick, Senator Kelly Hancock, and Attorney General Ken Paxton. Through working with and learning from these officials, we can continue to productively advocate for the industry that fuels our lives.

With the help of all participants and supporters of Texas oil and natural gas, our voice was heard loud and clear! The Texas oil and natural gas industry is here to stay. It MATTERS to us because it keeps our electricity bills low, helps make 96% of the products we use every day, funds our schools, and helps keep our state and nation safe and secure. Together, we will continue advocating for the industry that supports our economy, our environment and our future.



To view more photos from Texas Energy Day, check out the album on TXOGA’s Facebook page by clicking here.

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