Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of fatalities among oil and gas workers.
For the third consecutive year, hours-of-service rules rank as the biggest concern facing the trucking industry. The American Transportation Research Institute released the results of an annual survey on Oct.15. Other top concerns identified from the survey include driver shortage, driver retention and lack of safe truck parking. Click here  for more information about the survey.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published a final rule in the Nov. 30 Federal Register that allows the agency to take enforcement action against employers that coerce drivers into breaking safety rules. The final rule is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 20. Click this link for more information.

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Texas Mutual's "Give Safety a Hand" campaign provides free resources that address the core causes of motor vehicle crashes. Take an active role in making the road safer for your employees with free informational and promotional materials available from Texas Mutual.

Step Up for Safety

In an effort to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities and to raise awareness of safety and health in the oil and gas industry, the National STEPS Network, OSHA and NIOSH have organized the 2016 Step Up for Safety campaign.
The 2016 Step Up for Safety is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about safety. The purpose of Step Up is to provide information to companies that can be used at their sites for training and awareness. The information has been gathered from many sources and developed to assist employers in providing this training.
Click here to get more information about the downloads and how to participate in the program.

In Review
Over the past four years, the three most common causes of injury impacting Texas Oil & Gas Association Safety Group members are slips/trips/falls, being struck by objects and strains. The three causes of injury with the highest average claim costs are burns, motor vehicle collisions and being struck by objects. 
These outcomes were particularly evident during 2015, where slips/trips/falls accounted for nearly 22 percent of total claims. Burns averaged $100,000 per claim, and motor vehicle crashes averaged nearly $57,000 per claim.

Looking Forward
A number of important issues are emerging as concerns for the Safety Group in 2016 and will be addressed in future reports:

*  Falls, slips and trips noted above
*  Motor vehicle crashes
*  Worker attrition due to a shrinking workforce 
*  Temporary workers and short service employees
*  Complacency
*  Making the business case for safety

LoneStar Oil & Gas Roundup * Jan. 2016

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National Safety Council -
Partnership with Texas Employers   
The National Safety Council (NSC) is teaming up with Texas
employers to promote safe driving practices among their
employees on and off the job. OUR DRIVING CONCERN - Texas Employer Traffic Safety Program provides resources on distracted driving, aggressive driving, passenger restraint, impaired driving
and other traffic safety topics. The program offers FREE tools
and resources to managers, HR professionals and safety
instructors to help you build your companywide traffic
safety program.

Free Safety Resources   
As a Texas Mutual policyholder, you have access to 2,000 free materials in the Safety Resource Center at If
you are just getting started with safety, start by taking the safety self-assessment. From there, use the injury cost calculator, streaming videos and downloadable safety programs to make safety part of
your company culture. If you need help or have trouble with the navigation process, please contact Texas Mutual's safety services support center at 844-WORKSAFE (967-5723).

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