TXOGA’s First Coastal Energy Series Event Aims to Facilitate More Rational Conversations About the Future of Our Energy, Our Environment and Our Economy

December 28, 2021

TXOGA launched the first installment of the regionally focused Coastal Energy Series on Friday, November 12 in Corpus Christi. This series is a new venue where leaders in Texas’ coastal communities can directly engage with members of the Texas oil and natural gas industry, and via that open line of communication nurture a rich, candid, and continuing dialogue.

The inaugural event, held along the Port of Corpus Christi, featured TXOGA President Todd Staples, elected officials, business and community leaders, and interested stakeholders talking openly about the past, present, and future of the oil and natural gas industry and the role industry plays as the Texas coast continues to blossom into the premiere hub for energy commerce. As the series advances, we will go on to analyze other facets of the oil and natural gas industry and highlight the important work being done to address today’s challenges so that industry can continue serving Texas.

This industry has a fascinating story. As the leaders of environmental progress worldwide, industry is facilitating the advancement of cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy for people here at home and abroad. The Texas oil and natural gas industry is producing energy in cleaner and more efficient ways, safeguarding our climate while producing the energy and products required by a modern economy. Investments in innovation and technology allow the industry to deploy cleaner energy technologies. These investments are the bedrock of the industry’s commitment to advancing climate progress.

Some of the great work being done can’t fit on a bumper sticker, a T-shirt, and 280 characters doesn’t always capture the decades of innovation, or the countless hours spent poring over a sea of data to find the glimmers of opportunity. This great story continues to unfold daily and is being told through continuous conversations across a spectrum of communication channels. Through TXOGA’s Coastal Energy Series, this industry aims to facilitate more rational discussions about the future of our energy, our environment and our economy.