TXOGA Centennial

Texas is home to energy. Texas is home to the power that propels humankind. 2019 marks the 100th year of the Texas Oil & Gas Association, the state’s oldest and largest oil & gas trade association representing every facet of the Texas oil and gas industry. Collectively, TXOGA members account for over 90 percent of all oil and natural gas produced in Texas, they operate a vast majority of the State’s pipeline mileage and gas processing capacity, and they are responsible for a preponderance of the State’s refining capacity.

Texas is the nation’s number one producer of oil and natural gas in the number one producing nation around the globe. Every Texan benefits from a robust oil and natural gas sector, because more oil and gas means more jobs, more local and state revenue and more resources to fund our schools and universities and to build our roads. What’s happening in Texas has global implications as the United States has catapulted into the driver’s seat in the energy space.

Founded in Ingenuity. Fueled by Innovation. TXOGA’s Centennial Celebration will celebrate the oil and natural gas industry’s incredible milestones of progress, innovation and inventiveness, while also commending this industry’s rich heritage, rooted in the discovery and determination of the hardworking men and women who made it all possible.

Everything’s bigger in Texas. For the Texas oil and natural gas industry, our ability to go big – with no signs of backing down – is securing our economy, our environment and our future every single day. For 100 years, Texas worked its way to become the undisputed Energy Capitol of the World, and we’re just getting started.



Technology and Innovation in Oil and Natural Gas Revolutionized Modern Life

Few industries can match the rapid rise of technology and innovation of the Texas oil and natural gas industry. From the state’s first gushers to modern day hydraulic fracturing, a relentlessly pioneering spirit has been the driving force…

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Texas Oil and Natural Gas: Caring for Our Communities


November is National Philanthropy Month! If you’re looking for evidence of true Texas philanthropic spirit, then look no further than our state’s oil and natural gas industry…

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Visit “Texas Oil and Gas” at the Bullock Texas State History Museum


The story of Texas is one of grit, guts, and glory – and the same can be said about the industry that has defined the Lone Star State: oil and natural gas…

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The Distinguished Service Award: Celebrating the Oil and Natural Gas Innovators Who Set the Pace for Texas Success


This year, the Texas Oil & Gas Association celebrates one hundred years – a significant milestone only achievable through the discovery, determination and grit of the forward-thinking men and women who make up the oil and natural gas industry…

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The Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry is Fueling the Future Through Investments in Education


All across Texas, students, their parents, teachers and school administrators are getting back into the swing of things as this new school year has started. While curriculum, classroom materials and technology have changed over the decades, one thing has remained constant…

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Readiness, Response & Relief: How the Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry Stays #HurricaneReady


When we think of summer in Texas, we think of heat, holidays, hotdogs…and hurricane season. The Texas oil and natural gas industry not only plays a role in keeping Texans cooled off and fueled up for summer, the men and women of the industry…

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Texas Oil and Natural Gas: Making America Safer and More Secure


One of the utmost responsibilities of the government – to many, the most important responsibility – is to provide for the common defense. Millions of women and men have answered the call to duty to defend freedom and liberty at home and abroad…

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Life As We Know It: Brought to You by Oil and Natural Gas


Before you’ve arrived at your workplace, classroom, gym, coffee shop or favorite breakfast spot on a given morning, before your commute by car, train, bus or bike, and even before you’ve left the comfort of your bed, you’ve already enjoyed the benefits of oil and natural gas…

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100 Years of Environmental Stewardship


Texans have always had a love of the outdoors, so it should come as no surprise that over the past 100 years, when it comes to our lands, the oil and natural gas industry is always investing and improving our environmental performance…

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What Does It Mean to Be An Employee of the Texas Oil & Gas Industry?


What does it mean to be an employee of the energy industry? It means hard work, dedication and ingenuity. It means utilizing the latest innovative technologies. It means proudly serving the industry that’s defined Texas over the last 100 years…

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Texas Energy Day 2019 was Huge Success


Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol was a HUGE success! Thank you to all partners, sponsors and participants who voiced their support for Texas energy and made this exciting event possible. Watch the 2019…

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TXOGA Celebrates 100 Years of Texas Oil and Natural Gas


You’d be hard-pressed to find a story more dynamic, inspirational and impressive than the story of the Texas oil and natural gas industry over the past 100 years…

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Bullock Exhibit

Now Open to the Public: Renovated and Expanded “Texas Oil & Gas” Exhibit at Bullock Texas State History Museum

History, interactivity and engaging scientific content share the story of how oil and natural gas changed Texas

The Bullock Texas State History Museum unveiled last week a newly renovated and expanded “Texas Oil and Gas” exhibit, where visitors are invited to learn about cutting-edge innovation, economic impact, and the environmental evolution of the state’s most storied industry over the past 100 years. The new exhibit was made possible with the support of Texas oil and natural gas companies and the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA).

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