Episode 7: Upstream 101

In this episode, TXOGA President Todd Staples and Shana Joyce, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs are joined by Diamondback Energy Senior Vice President of Completions Hunter Landers and Vice President of Production Nathan Luoma for an overview of the upstream process, also known as exploration and production, through which oil and natural gas is found and extracted from the ground. Also in this episode, this discussion highlights the use of fracking in oil and natural gas extraction, as well as the processes in place to ensure safety and groundwater protection.

TXOGA: LNG Exports Have Had No Impact on Domestic Energy Costs, TXOGA Economic Analysis Finds

TXOGA: TXOGA Talks, Episode 3: The Four P’s

Diamondback Energy: Overview of Diamondback Operations

Texans for Natural Gas: Fracking 101

Texas Monthly: George Mitchell was a Texas A&M graduate who was known as the “pioneer of shale”. Mitchell is credited with pioneering the economic extraction of shale gas using the fracking technique.

Railroad Commission of Texas: Hydraulic fracturing has been an environmentally safe process for more than 60 years in Texas. The Railroad Commission has a comprehensive regulatory framework to ensure usable quality groundwater is protected. Commission records do not indicate a single documented groundwater contamination case associated with the process of hydraulic fracturing in Texas.

Railroad Commission of Texas: Information and Statistics on the Permian Basin

Energy Information Administration: Drilling Productivity Report: Petroleum & Other Liquids



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