O&G Gifts for Y-0-U

December 25, 2021

Santa’s bringing lots of gifts
To every boy and girl,
Gifts that bring lots of joy
From natural gas and oil.

He’s bringing milk jugs to hold your milk,
Mascara and pajamas blended with silk,
Brush and comb, shoe polish too,
Aspirin and bandaids for every boo-boo.

Insect repellant to keep bugs away,
And heart valves and hearing aids make us healthy each day.
Clothes and diapers, soap and tires,
And a little deodorant for those who perspire!

Eyeglasses and contacts make us see well,
Perfume and candles have a heavenly smell,
Panty hose and tools for Mom and Dad,
Film for movies, both happy and sad.

From yarn to vitamins and the medicines we take,
Thank oil and gas for the things we make.
Have a happy, happy Christmas and never forget
It’s Christ’s birthday today and He paid your debt.