House Bill 40

9-9-2015 | Publication

September 9, 2015

What exactly does House Bill 40 do?

House bill 40 provides cities with authority to reasonably regulate aboveground activity related to oil and natural gas operations like setbacks from other structures, traffic and noise. House Bill 40 affirms that regulation of oil and natural gas operations like fracking and production is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the state.

Why does Texas need House Bill 40?…

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Staples: State’s Energy Producers Positively Impact, Contribute to Texas Students


August 28, 2015

As Texas public school hallways are again filled with elementary, secondary and college students returning to campus this month, it’s fair to say that Texas energy producers are fueling their education.

How so?

Oil and gas industry dollars — state royalties received are about $1.3 billion each year — are paid into our state’s Permanent School Fund and Permanent University Fund….

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Staples: Fuel Supply a Key Component to Storm Preparation and Recovery


July 23, 2015

A wet spring gave way to even more rain with late May floods, just as Texas summer hit its stride. Tropical Storm Bill, with its powerful punch of rain and flooding across our state, was an unmistakable signal that hurricane season is very much underway.

We’re just one month into the 2015 hurricane season, and if weather predictions are accurate, we can expect fewer storms this year….

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