TXOGA Praises New Law to Allow for More Water Recycling in Oil and Natural Gas Production


May 25, 2019

AUSTIN—Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association, issued the following statement after HB 3246, which gives oil and natural gas operators more options for recycling produced water, became law yesterday:


“Recycling produced water is becoming more common thanks to the oil and natural gas industry’s commitment to innovation and technological advances. As technology improves, we anticipate that oil and natural gas wastewater will be recycled and treated into a new drought-proof source of water for beneficial use in the oil patch and beyond….

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ICYMI: New Research Shows “Major Overestimation” of Methane Emissions From Oil and Natural Gas Production


May 21, 2019

AUSTIN-A newly-released analysis found a “major overestimation” of methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations in the United States.

Since 2006, natural gas production in the United States has increased 46% and the number of producing gas wells has more than doubled in Texas. Meanwhile, the latest data shows that methane emissions associated with oil and natural gas production displayed only “modest increases” during the same time period – refuting claims from other studies that increased production has resulted in large increases in methane emissions….

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Texas Senate Advances Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill


May 20, 2019

AUSTIN-Today the Texas Senate passed HB 3557, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, moving this important legislation one step closer to becoming law. The bill, authored by State Representative Chris Paddie and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Brian Birdwell, strengthens protections of Texas’ critical infrastructure facilities from those who trespass with the intent to damage or interrupt operations, while maintaining current laws and statutes that allow for free speech and the right to protest….

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