The Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry is Hurricane Ready

Before the first hurricane of the season, we are preparing.

The Texas oil and natural gas industry is a vital part of the collaborative effort to keep our citizens safe.

We are also part of the Texas Division of Emergency Management’s Fuel Team, which works to ensure Texans have access to the gasoline and diesel they need before, during and after a natural disaster.

Once a hurricane strikes, we never stop working.

Our operators are working 24-7 to meet Texans’ fuel needs.

“Hurricane Ride Out Teams” include employees who volunteer to stay at facilities throughout a storm to ensure a safe and reliable fuel supply.

Our employees help coordinate rescue, relocation and other logistical support for families.

An army of refinery and pipeline workers and fuel suppliers work day and night to restock fuel and keep Texans equipped with the energy they need.

Once the storm is over, it’s all-hands-on-deck for response and recovery efforts.

Our companies work around the clock to restart the network of coastal refineries and pipelines.

Companies donate fuel to communities and to aid first responders.

Our commitment to Texas communities is unmatched, with millions of dollars and thousands of hours donated by companies and employees to assist in relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts including meals, home repairs and post-flood cleanup.

After every natural disaster, we thoroughly analyze our response to make our plans, procedures and working relationships with state and federal agencies even stronger than before.

The Texas oil and natural gas industry has used years’ worth of post-storm data to better prepare for hurricane season each year and continues to look for ways to improve readiness.

As we move through the 2021 hurricane season, preparation, conservation and patience after a storm will be central to our collective success.

With another hurricane season upon us, we are reminded of the role we play as individual Texans when it comes to preparing for and recovering from a storm. Every Texan can help themselves and their neighbors by maintaining normal routines and not overbuying fuel before or after a storm.