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Who Regulates Oil & Gas?

There are comprehensive regulations governing Texas oil and natural gas exploration and production. The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) are the two state agencies responsible for establishing standards and enforcing regulations for oil and natural gas exploration and production. Oil and natural gas operators that don’t follow strict oil and gas regulations can lose their permit to operate in Texas.

The RRC oversees all aspects of the drilling activity such as well spacing, well design including depth of casing and cement, groundwater protection during drilling and completion, water protection, wastewater handling and disposal, and operational and public safety.

TCEQ’s primary role relates to control of air emissions, water quality control, and other regulations related to public health and safety.


House Bill 40

September 9, 2015

What exactly does House Bill 40 do?

House bill 40 provides cities with authority to reasonably regulate aboveground activity related to oil and natural gas operations like setbacks from other structures,

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