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The oil and natural gas industry may generate new high paying jobs and growth for the economy, but it also helping the next generation through fueling the education of local Texan schools through providing funding for students from kindergarten through college. In fact, oil and natural gas royalties and leases fund our Permanent School Fund, which supports Texas public schools. Texas’ fund is now the largest education endowment in the country, worth $37 billion.


Staples: Innovation in energy: A new kind of moonshot

October 4, 2016

Back in 1969, the phrase “Houston, the Eagle has landed” affirmed Texas’ place in history and underscored Texans’ contributions to innovative technology and scientific research.

Texas has diversified tremendously in the nearly five decades since Johnson Space Center received those historic transmissions from space.

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Oil and Natural Gas in Texas

May 3, 2016

Advances in proven technology are delivering new opportunities in oil and natural gas production around Texas.  While much of Texas is familiar ground to oil and natural gas development, many Texans are experiencing oil and natural gas operations in their communities for the first time. 

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