Benefits of Oil & Natural Gas

No matter where you live in Texas, the oil and natural gas industry benefits you. The oil and natural gas industry anchors our economy by creating high-paying jobs and by generating revenue, including $13.8 billion in FY’ 2015 ($15.7 billion in FY’ 2014) in taxes and royalties that directly fund our schools, roads and emergency services. It doesn’t stop there. The oil and natural gas industry is central to our lives, producing products and materials that we use every day like plastics, medicines, computers, life-saving devices and much more.


Shale Story: Eagle Ford

Development of Texas’ Eagle Ford shale formation is producing oil, natural gas, thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue. The Eagle Ford is a prime example of the job-creating potential of the shale revolution. New,

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Shale Story: Barnett

Texas’ Barnett Shale is the birthplace of America’s shale revolution. Starting in the early 1980s, oil and natural gas visionary George Mitchell worked with a team of engineers to perfect the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling that has made shale energy production viable.

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